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It's the height of summer and Nathan Vanags Design is hard at work on some exciting restaurants, kitchen remodels, and vacation properties. Follow our progress on instagram @nathanvanagsdesign! Meanwhile, things are heating up at our Thornton Park studio space, Nathan Vanags Home.

If you haven't stopped in to see the studio yet, it's a must-add to your summer shopping list with many new arrivals for our clients and customers to shop in person.

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“My aesthetic is modern and streamlined with a touch of drama. The result is elegant but edgy design.”


TIP: Guests drop by often in the summer. Don’t forget to add some fresh cut florals regularly. Changing out a few vases every week will leave a lasting impression on any unexpected guest and make you look like a real design pro.

Preview some of our favorite seasonal items below. All are available at Nathan Vanags Home!



We're also proud to feature beautiful original art from AXIOM Fine Art in Winter Park.

Shop this piece and others available at Nathan Vanags Home.

"Shine" by Jeremy Mangerchine

"Shine" by Jeremy Mangerchine






Drop in to see our current projects and get recommendations from our design-minded staff.



Pick up something unique






Get cozy with our brands in person and get a feel for fabrics, finishes, and quality.


Design Services


Discover how Nathan creates a custom design service package for your project and get inspired. From concepts, interior + exteriors, site + space planning, lighting, accessories, and much more.



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Since 2014, Nathan Vanags has been the creative mind behind Nathan Vanags Design, which is one of Central Florida's most rapidly growing interior design firms. With drive, focus and reliability, Nathan has been able to capture his clients’ aesthetics and provide unparalleled customer service, securing his firm's position as a leader in the interior design industry. 

Nathan finds inspiration through travel, fashion, and the fine arts. His work ethic and passion can be traced back to his upbringing in the hills of Tennessee, helping build homes from a very young age. There, Nathan could be found painting or sketching, but it was not until he furthered his education and obtained a BFA in Interior Design from the Academy of Design and Technology, that his talents and unique skills really started to take shape. 

From Design Intern to Associate Designer in five short years, Nathan has been on a path to becoming one of Central Florida's most recognized interior designers. With over ten years in the industry, Nathan passionately continues to serve the community and his clients by creating fresh, innovative, and custom interiors. 

“Design is not a product, it’s an experience.” - Nathan Vanags, NCIDQ

Create beauty or an experience? Why not both...

Building something from nothing requires you to lay the foundation first. When I catapulted into business four years ago this October, I began with a mission to learn the business of design so that my education and experience could be met with a foundation of customer satisfaction by design. Here are three things I have learned about the business of design and how we increase our client satisfaction by using them.



  1. The way your project starts is the way your project ends. I believe in spending time with a potential client by walking their home or office and documenting all of the possibilities that are discussed through a consultation. I spend up to two hours at every consultation sketching design solutions, discussing budgets, identifying the team that we will need to complete a project, suggesting finishes, and organizing all of the project demands into a cohesive 15 step design process to achieve them. Using this method at the project onset brings tremendous value and sets a solid expectation that we mean business and design. Book a consultation here.

  2. Keep in contact and don't waste time. My clients are busy professionals that value their time, and so do we. At Nathan Vanags Design, we prepare for very few meetings, but we pack a lot into them. We take the time to thoughtfully prepare design presentations that review layout, furniture fixtures and equipment, construction documents, and line by line proposals to complete your project down to the last doorknob. We also send a weekly update to all of our valued clients. It's our goal to never keep a client wondering what the status of their project is.

  3. Deliver on budget and on time. After we design and specify a project, I review an in-depth budget proposal that is inclusive of everything a project will encounter. We take great care in preparing design documents that encompass the entire project scope of work. We also coordinate cohesive bids from every vendor, contractor, and subcontractor that is needed to execute any given project. By doing this, our clients have complete information, budgets, and timelines before the building phase of their projects. Then we deliver on our promise.

Have you been through a renovation or planned for company expansion? What were some of your biggest challenges in design and how did you or didn't you overcome them? Leave us a note below and we will share valuable advice in return.

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NVD TOPIC: A little bit of glamour - Three ways to achieve a glamorous interior

There is a fine line that I walk every day in our design studio—the tight-rope of adding just enough interest or adding too much. I have a built-in “design GPS” that helps me do the most important task as a designer, EDIT. Editing a look is arguably the hardest task given all of the gorgeous interior design products offered today. It’s truly a remarkable time to be an interior designer, but it is also often overwhelming to our clients.

Sofa available at our shop.

Sofa available at our shop.

This month my clients have requested a little bit of glamour for their homes. “Glamour” is unique for everyone, and it's my goal to find what is glamorous to my clients and bring it to attention. Glamorous could be the way your guests are greeted in your entry, or it could mean sleeping in a bed with linens explicitly designed for you and your spouse. What is glamorous to you? How could we improve your every-day home to feel like your favorite hotel visit? Here are three tips to achieve everyday glamour in your home:

  • MAKE A LIST: Write down a list of experiences that make you feel special and why. Use the WHY portion of this list and look for ways to recreate this experience in your own home. Example: if your favorite experience away from home is a perfectly-made heavenly bed, then perhaps find a bedding and sleep expert (or an interior designer) to help create a custom experience for you.

  • PURCHASE A FEW KEY PIECES: Go to the place you find the most enjoyable to purchase things for your home and grab a few things that represent your style. A pillow, vase, candle, flatware, books…anything that you find beautiful. Use these items to help guide your decision-making through the clutter of options. As you select like-items to fill your home, everything should feel cohesive together. We create storyboards for every room we design. This organizational tool keeps the decision-making process in check and makes it easy to tell if something works or does not work with each look.

  • HAVE IT ALL, THEN EDIT: Going a little over the top with the things you love in your home does not have to be a bad thing, as long as you take a step back and edit the final decisions that finish it off. Everyone will have a different boundary with what too much is, so find yours. Remember that to everyone else, your home is just a spot they will enjoy for a while not every day. Make it yours, make it personal, make it a little glamorous!

Grab our attention.... We're giving away advice!

We have been working hard to simplify starting your project with us! As our business continues to grow, we have made some modifications to our services page making it easier than ever to book a consultation with us. Visit our services page and purchase a consultation or share our information with someone who is in need. We are here to help! 

We want to hear from you! Do you have questions about our services or design topics that interest you? We will update our fresh stuff every month answering your questions, discussing construction topics, and sharing what we love. Submit your questions or topics below! 

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Accessories: Contact us and purchase a custom package for your home or office. 

Accessories: Contact us and purchase a custom package for your home or office.