NVD TOPIC: A little bit of glamour - Three ways to achieve a glamorous interior

There is a fine line that I walk every day in our design studio—the tight-rope of adding just enough interest or adding too much. I have a built-in “design GPS” that helps me do the most important task as a designer, EDIT. Editing a look is arguably the hardest task given all of the gorgeous interior design products offered today. It’s truly a remarkable time to be an interior designer, but it is also often overwhelming to our clients.

Sofa available at our shop.

Sofa available at our shop.

This month my clients have requested a little bit of glamour for their homes. “Glamour” is unique for everyone, and it's my goal to find what is glamorous to my clients and bring it to attention. Glamorous could be the way your guests are greeted in your entry, or it could mean sleeping in a bed with linens explicitly designed for you and your spouse. What is glamorous to you? How could we improve your every-day home to feel like your favorite hotel visit? Here are three tips to achieve everyday glamour in your home:

  • MAKE A LIST: Write down a list of experiences that make you feel special and why. Use the WHY portion of this list and look for ways to recreate this experience in your own home. Example: if your favorite experience away from home is a perfectly-made heavenly bed, then perhaps find a bedding and sleep expert (or an interior designer) to help create a custom experience for you.

  • PURCHASE A FEW KEY PIECES: Go to the place you find the most enjoyable to purchase things for your home and grab a few things that represent your style. A pillow, vase, candle, flatware, books…anything that you find beautiful. Use these items to help guide your decision-making through the clutter of options. As you select like-items to fill your home, everything should feel cohesive together. We create storyboards for every room we design. This organizational tool keeps the decision-making process in check and makes it easy to tell if something works or does not work with each look.

  • HAVE IT ALL, THEN EDIT: Going a little over the top with the things you love in your home does not have to be a bad thing, as long as you take a step back and edit the final decisions that finish it off. Everyone will have a different boundary with what too much is, so find yours. Remember that to everyone else, your home is just a spot they will enjoy for a while not every day. Make it yours, make it personal, make it a little glamorous!